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                  Home -- About Veken

                  Cultures For Veken Battery Company

                  Veken's prospect: Create a better life for oneself, Promote the life value according as excellent manufacturing ability and leading-edge designing ability, Become the advocates for better culture-life.

                  Veken's Core-concept: "Returns, Developments & Responsibility" of all business activities, Continuous innovation & Continuous improvement.

                  Veken's Culture-factors: Innovation, Particulars, Details, Execution-force & Team-work Sprint

                  Veken's Core-values: Quality; Speed; Up; Meticulous Management.

                  Veken's Quality-policy: Ensure the safety & quality, meet the needs of customers;

                  Continuous innovations, striving the famous brand!

                  Actively develop energy efficient products, the battery energy to revitalize national industry, the company built for the world-class industrial base for China in the coming global energy war is invincible and the struggle our mission.

                  Add:   Tel:0574-86822355   Fax:0574-86822356    E-mail:shtang@mail.veken.com
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